A Cure for the Winter Skin Blues

I must confess I have never been one to moisturise my skin much. I put some cream on my face before I put make up on, but that’s not everyday and I certainly don’t bother with cream or lotion on my body.

The main problem I find is that I sweat very easily [even in Winter] and if I moisturise my skin I simply sweat it all out and end up in a greasy slimy mess. I also find many moisturising lotions and creams to be way too heavy for my skin leaving me covered in tiny pimples, especially on my forearms. I never really have ultra dry skin, so I have been able to get away with not moisturising… until now.  I don’t know why it has happened all of a sudden – maybe it’s because I am approaching 30 [next year], maybe it is because I am not eating the fatty food that I was, who knows, but my skin was dry and itchy and was so bad sometimes that it would burn! I knew I had to find a good moisturiser, but didn’t really even know where to start!


I put the call out on Twitter for recommendations of affordable moisturising products from my tweeps and got some great suggestions. I bought a particular product and found, once again, despite claiming it was non-greasy, the lotion was too heavy for my skin. I was all slimy and pimply within 2 days of trying it.


Then, through Nuffnang, I was invited to try the new Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion. I thought “Why not? I’ve got nothing to lose!”

When the bottle arrived in the post I was surprised at how generous the size of the bottle was, that, to be honest, that was quickly replaced with skepticism when I read “Non greasy and quickly absorbed” on the pack. I thought, “hmm we’ll see about that!” I am a true skeptic when it comes to claims from cosmetic and body products. I find they very, VERY rarely live up to their claims of “wonderfulness”.


Nevertheless I covered myself in the lotion right then and soon realised that yes, indeed, it was quickly absorbed into my skin and it didn’t feel greasy. The test would be though 1. would I sweat it out and 2. will I end up with those dreaded tiny pimples?


After about a week of using Vaseline Dry Skin Condition Lotion I am happy to admit that I was wrong to be skeptical! The lotion really does absorb quickly, is non greasy, didn’t make me slimy or pimply and my skin is better than it has been for longer than I can remember! The Vaseline tag line is “Keeping Skin Amazing” and I am truly amazed at my skin!

This is a picture of the skin on my arm. While I don’t have the best skin tone or even complexion, you can see there are no dry spots, no flaking, no scales and, to the other extreme, no pimples! My arms are the place where my skin is usually the driest, so I’m pretty impressed by this result.


I feel like the skin on my body is fresher, definitely smoother and perhaps even younger looking. If the results continue like this I might even be brave enough to try Vaseline Dry Skin Condition Lotion on my face!


I was interested to find out that research shows that Australian women seem to wait for skin problems to occur and then escalate before they are treated. This was me for sure! But not anymore. I intend to now take a more preventative approach to looking after my skin – I am, after all, not getting any younger. Plus, if I look after my skin while I am losing weight I may end up with less skin issues at the other end of the process! That would be nice!


I also recently used some hand cream from a friend and it just happened to be Vaseline Hand and Nail Lotion and I was very impressed with it too! It is going on the shopping list. Vaseline – you have won me over!


The Vaseline Dry Skin Condition Lotion contains vitamins A, E and B5 which are proven to better the condition of your skin and conditioning moisturisers which give daily hydration to your thirsty skin. It is available in a selection of sizes [200mL, 375mL and 750mL] from supermarkets and pharmacies and truly is affordable. I especially love the pump bottle – super easy to use!

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