Amanda Loves: Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling with Lemon

As part of the changes I am implementing in my life right now, I have given up soft drink. It has been a gradual process as I have been “weaning” myself off the sugary, bubbly refreshment I had literally become addicted to. I was drinking far too much of it every day and it was all just empty calories that made me feel good at the time… until the next craving kicked in and I was searching for the next sugar hit. It has been 3 weeks now since I had my last glass of soft drink and I am pretty proud about that!


However, although I don’t want the high amounts of sugar going into my body every day anymore, I do really, really miss the bubbly sensation, so I thought about drinking soda/mineral water. The problem with this though, is that I find most soda/mineral water far too carbonated that it causes tummy pains and a lot of… ahem… gas. So when I was in the supermarket the other day I was searching for an alternative and rediscovered Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling. Perfect. No sugar and just the right amount of bubbles. But then, I saw the bottle next to the one I had picked up had yellow on the label. “What’s this?”

I discovered that there is now a Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling with a Hint of Lemon Essence! “Let’s give it a try!”

I brought it home and tried it straight away and… I can now enjoy a bubbly drink with no sugar, no fat, very refreshing and the hint of lemon essence totally covers that carbon flavour that a lot of soda/mineral waters have. Plus it is said that lemon helps your body absorb water so it is better hydrated. Win, win, win! With the discovery of Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling with a Hint of Lemon I am one happy chappy!

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