Amanda’s New Clothes

I have mentioned before that I find it hard to buy clothes. I can sometimes get clothes in the plus size stores that fit, but mostly I am just a little too big for those too. As you can imagine it is a bit of a frustrating situation. As I am losing weight I am getting closer to fitting into clothes in the stores, but of course I need to clothe myself between now and then. All my clothes from the past few years are getting ratty and tatty and I don’t feel great wearing them out.
That solution is an online US store called One Stop Plus. One Stop Plus [OSP] is an online treasure trove of plus size fashion. The website draws on multiple brands to fill it’s virtual shelves and you can find everything from swimwear, work wear, casual, formal and even plus size costumes for fancy dress parties! The best part is they also stock a range of sizes right up to a 44 in some lines, so i can well and truly find something that fits. There are some really useful basics and some really great on-trend items and everything in between.
Recently I made a small order to see the quality and the fit and the items arrived yesterday. I was so excited to rip open the package and try them on. I was even more excited to discover that they all fit me! I ordered 2 pairs of stretch casual 3/4 pants in black and grey to wear this summer, a pair of shorts in grey o wear at home and a fabulous grey sequined singlet [pictured above] [unfortunately this top is now no longer available]I am so going to wear this Christmas season with a little shrug I have. I will definitely be going back to order more when the budget allows!
Not only have I been delighted with the fit and the quality, but with the strength of the Aussie dollar and the fantastic American pricing I managed to get all 4 items, including delivery, for under $90. Amazing right!?
Click through now to check out One Stop Plus, there are great sales on their Summer items as the US heads into Winter. You’re sure to grab a bargain or two like I did!

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