and I Will Try to Fix You…

Do you have people in your life who are always trying to “fix” you. Maybe you go to them when you have a problem cause you know they will be good for advice… maybe you go to them cause you just want someone to listen, maybe you don’t go to them at all, but they give you “fixing” advice anyway…
There are people like this in my life. I know they are trying to help, I know they think that offering advice or finding a way to fix the problem is what I am asking for, but this is rarely the case. I am usually pretty good at finding solutions to problems myself, if not, I will ask. If I don’t ask, the best way you can help me is to listen.
It seems to be a rare thing to find someone who will just listen, who will be a shoulder to cry on, a warm hug to to fall into, a buddy to share the ups and downs, and frustrations of life with, without said person trying to load you up with their 2 cents of often “way off the mark” advice.
I am also lucky that there are a few very special people in my life that I can go to when I do want advice, whom I respect and know will help me work things out if I need it. I do also have a couple of people who will just listen, but it seems a mystery to me why so many people feel the need to “fix those around them. What makes them think they have the answers for someone else’s life is totally beyond me. But, then again, maybe people feel the same way about me, that I am a “fixer”. I do try to listen more than I “fix” though.
What do you think? Why is it so hard for people to just listen?

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