Aqua Zumba

Exercise is very difficult for me at my size. Not only does it take a lot of effort just to move, but I am already developing arthritis in my knees due to so much weight causing wear and tear on my joints. My feet, legs and back get sore very easily too. My Doctor has warned me to be very careful with exercising as he doesn’t want me to do more damage to myself. It’s a tricky situation.
Thankfully there is a solution – water. When you exercise in water, there is support for your joints and muscles and yet great resistance to work against for a good work out! I grew up in the water. I loved swimming and would do so for hours and hours in our backyard pool. I also did squad training and woke super early many a morning to go. As I got older, more overweight and more self conscious I spent less and less time in the water. It was too embarrassing. Perhaps if we still had a backyard pool things would have been very different?
Last week I took my first Aqua Zumba class. I saw it advertised on a notice board at some nearby shops and it is held at a pool not far from my house. Having done aquarobics before and loving it, I thought Id give it a go. A couple of friends came along with me which was great, it helped a little with my fear of being in public in far less clothing than I would ever usually wear in public!
It was hard work – much harder than aquarobics, I think, but was a lot of fun. I found myself getting the giggles a lot as I felt so silly trying to shake my booty in the water, but the music really gets you wanting to move. It’s hard to keep in time with the music when you have the resistance of the water to push against and I could feel my muscles working hard straight away. It was a good feeling. My friends really enjoyed it too – however no one looked as excited about it as the woman in the picture above! I think we will go back again!
Here’s a video to give you an idea of what Aqua Zumba is like – pity this wasn’t my instructor *wink , wink*
Do you find it difficult to exercise? What is your favorite way to exercise?

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