Best of the Best Apps for your iPhone or iPad

A couple of weekends ago I was reading the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald and came across a feature in the Good Weekend magazine that really got my attention. It was simply titled Best 100 Apps and written by Caitlin Chang and Nina Karnikowski. I am a HUGE Mac fan and totally love my iPhone, but I have this niggling feeling that I’m not really using it to its full potential so I wanted to read though the article in hope of finding some new apps that would be a MUST to download.

I don’t really have an awful lot of apps on my phone, but here are the apps that I DO have that are on the Best 100 App list according to the article: [in no particular order]

    • Stanza – e-Reader App


    • Instagram – Photo sharing App


    • Words With Friends – Scrabble-like word Game App


    • Shazam – Names the artist and song title just by listening to the tune!


    • Skype – Brings the computer App to your iPhone or iPad!


    • Angry Birds – The smash hit game!


    • Tweet Deck – THE best Twitter App – in my opinion!

Hmm… that’s only 7 out of 100 – so surely there are many in the list that I should really check out. Here are some that I like the look/sound of and that I think I would actually use:

    • Postino – allows you to take a photo and then send a printed postcard directly to anyone in the world!


    • Bump – simply bump two iPhones together to transfer data, contacts and more.


    • iTunes Remote – control iTunes on your desktop with your phone!


    • The SMH Good Food Guide – guide to great restaurants in Sydney.


    • TED – Watch TED [Technology, Education and Design] Talks right on your phone!

There are also a few Apps that I can’t live without that didn’t make it on the list of Best 100 Apps and they are:

    • ShoppingList – The names says it all – a great App for your shopping list!


    • Hanging With Friends – game created by the same peeps as Words With Friends based on a combo of scrabble and hangman – SO addicted to this game!


    • Pinterest – Yep Pinning is not only restricted to your desktop anymore!


    • PingChat – a great App allowing you to send free messages to friends who also have the App – free sms anyone?


    • myPantone – Play with the Pantone colours to create amazing schemes


    • Small Potatoes and In The Night Garden – keeps my Niece entertained while on the go


    • Ellen’s Know or Go – Brings the fun of the game from Ellen’s TV show to your pocket!


    • WhiteNoise – offers a selection of sounds to help you relax and sleep – also has a timer function.

So that’s my little wrap up of great Apps that I have, want to try or simply can’t live without!

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