Design Update: December

December kept me very busy with my new roles at my church. With my PA hat on I did a LOT of organising of end-of-year and Christmas events. With my Print Media designer hat on I we busy designing flyers, poster and other promo material for all those events. Here are two of my favourite designs I created in December.
I designed a two-sided postcard flyer to advertise our Christmas Day and New Year’s day services and our big Christmas Street Party on the reverse. The colour scheme chosen for all the Christmas decorating in the church this year was Red and White – a nice departure of our usual Blue and Silver, and candy stripes were a big part of it all too. The theme as you can see, is Where’s Jesus – a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, so I created a kind of minimal “Where’s Wally” kind of graphic where Jesus, Mary and Joseph are hidden among other Christmas icons. Everyone seemed to love the design and I was really happy with them being contemporary and fun!
The second design I worked on in December is my favourite. I am still so excited about it. As a church we have done nothing like it before, but each season [summer, spring etc] we will be releasing a magazine which not only contains the church calendar and information about the church, but it is also full of great seasonal articles. I had the help of some pretty amazing church members to gather lost of information to put in the pages and most of the photography is by members too. It was a big job to coordinate, but I love it and designing it and putting it all together was so much fun!
I have always wanted to publish a magazine and now I have! I am so proud of myself and our creative team! THIS is how creativity is integrated into the church!
Now I can’t wait to get started on the Autumn issue!
So that’s some of what has kept me busy design wise lately. What do you think?

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