Exciting Mail

Exciting Mail is the term I use to describe any mail that is not bills or bank statements etc – which I not-so-surprisingly call Boring Mail. I have had a bit of exciting mail lately that I thought I would share with you.


The first is a package I received as part of the Creative Collective Snail Mail Swap from last month. The package was sent all the way from Switzerland [where I am DYING to visit one day! The home of amazing chocolate and cheese? Yes please!]

My partner had taken the time to create two lovely bags of goodies for me. The first was filled with items she had made; a purple and yellow crocheted doilie, a small notepad, 3 stamped felt tags and a collection of handmade envelopes upcycled from books and maps! The second bag contained elements I could use to create something; a couple of pieces of coloured paper doilies, sheets of book paper, tags and embellishments and a little crocheted circle. My partner also included a sweet letter in which she told me this was her very first swap – she did such a great job! See more of the great swap items sent and received on the Creative Collective Flickr stream. I hope my other two parcels arrive soon!


The second lot of Exciting Mail I have received recently is postcards from all over the world from the Postcrossing project I signed up for.

This was the first Postcrossing Postcard I received. It is from Singapore.

This one is from Turkey…

and this one, as you can see is from Ireland! [another place I REALLY want to visit!]

I have now sent postcards to the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Finland, USA, Russia, Belarus, China and Germany twice! It’s so much fun! It makes checking the post box so much more exciting… except of course if it is a day that nothing arrives.


If you want to receive some Exciting Mail why not consider signing up with Postcrossing, or check out the swaps available at SwapBot, keep your eyes on the Creative Collective blog to see what fun projects they have coming up … AND stay tuned as there may just be a swap coming your way form this little blog right here!

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