Friends in High Places

I woke up in a great mood this morning which is a relief after the funk I was in yesterday. I am attributing the good mood to an interesting and rather fun dream I had last night. Here’s a clue as to what it was about:

Last night I had a dream in which Prince William and Prince Harry came to Sydney. I don’t know why, but somehow and for some reason I was chosen to show them around the city and make sure they got to each function they were supposed to attend. The Princes and I fell into easy conversation and seemed to genuinely create an instant friendly connection. I was struck by how down-to-earth they both were and they insisted I just call them Wills and Harry. Wills was gentle and sweet and took his role seriously without taking himself very seriously while Harry was a laugh a minute and a constant flirt, in a harmless fun-loving kind of way.

I took them all around the Sydney CBD and Darling Harbour stopping now and then for them to speak with people and take photos. Then we ended up at a book signing where William was the guest Author – I can’t remember what the book was about, but at the end he gave me a signed copy with such a kind inscription – I can’t remember what it said now.

Their time in Sydney then drew to a close and as we were taking our goodbyes they both hugged me and thanked me for my time and said they thoroughly enjoyed having a tour in a more relaxed manner. They also really seemed to appreciate the fact that while I still showed them respect for their position in life, I treated them just as everyday people. As they were leaving I told them if they were ever missing Australia that I would be more than happy to come stay with them in England and bring a bit of Australia with me. They loved the idea and said they would invite me soon! Finally we said goodbye and I told Wills to give my best wishes to Kate. Then the dream was over.

How funny is that! It was a great dream. One of those dreams that seemed so real that when you wake up it takes you a moment or two to realise it was only dream. I have very vivid dreams. I also remember my dreams a lot of the time. There’s no doubt in my mind why I dreamed about making some great and instant friends… but I have NO idea why those friends turned out to be William and Harry! That’s my crazy subconscious for you!

Did you know on average we all dream 4 dreams a night? That’s why sometimes when we remember our dreams you are all of a sudden somewhere different doing something different – you’re actually remember different dreams. A lot of people don’t really ever remember their dreams. I’m glad I do. I get a kick out of them… most of the time.

On a side note: while I was trying to find a nice photo of William and Harry I found the above photo of the Princes as boys with their Grandmother Queen Elizabeth. I had never seen this image before and it really touched my heart to see the Queen in her role as Grandmother rather than Ruler. Isn’t it sweet!?

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