I Don’t Do Halloween

I don’t do Halloween. Not now, not ever. I don’t understand why anyone would want to celebrate all that is dark and evil in this world. Yes, it might be fun to dress up in crazy costumes, go to parties and for kids to collect candy, I have no issue with those things – but this isn’t what is at the heart of Halloween – this is the cute little secular covering for Halloween – like Santa is the cutesy symbol for Christmas, yet Santa isn’t the real meaning of Christmas – we all know that.
People don’t understand what they are allowing to influence their lives when they take part in Halloween. Why would you want to celebrate darkness? I don’t get it? Isn’t there enough darkness and evil in this world without having a whole holiday to celebrate it? In fact there is so much irony in that – calling Halloween a Holiday – Holy Day, there’s nothing Holy about vampires, witches, ghosts, and other ghastly things.
It saddens me that over the last 5 years Halloween has been growing in popularity here in Australia. When I was a kid I didn’t even know what Halloween was, then as I grew older and learned of it, I always thought of it as an American thing – not something we do here – and I was grateful for that. But now, it is growing in popularity. Kids in my street come knocking at our door for treats and I just politely tell them “we don’t do Halloween”. One year this resulted in our garden being uprooted by some teenagers – yep seriously. I can say it certainly did nothing to endear me to the “holiday”.
What saddens me more is the number of Christians who don’t understand the significance of joining in with Halloween. They justify it as being fun for kids, or whatever, but people who profess to be followers of Christ, spiritual people who know what it is to live in the light of God,¬† should know the real spirit behind the event and one would think they would want nothing to do with Halloween at all.
Yes Halloween is opposite to what I believe as a Christian, but my dislike for it is more than that. I just feel disappointed that we, as Australians, so blindly seem to follow what the Americans do. There are lots of wonderful things America has given the world, but “cutesifying” something that is as dark and evil as Halloween is at its core – watering it down so it becomes an acceptable celebration is not one of them. I find it worrying that Halloween has been accepted as something to celebrate, yet a good and worthwhile celebration like Thanksgiving is not even on the Australian radar. I know it is a specific holiday to America with the Pilgrims and Indians, but why can’t we adopt this attitude of taking a day to spend with family and friends, share a wonderful meal and be thankful for all we have and all God has given us? Seems strange to me.
As a society we have become so desensitised to the supernatural, especially  the evil side of the supernatural.  Never before has the mainstream media been so saturated with books, movies and TV shows about the supernatural. We, as humans, are obviously searching for some kind of understanding of things beyond our physical world, but we are searching in all the wrong places. Our children are growing up with heroes that are Warlocks, Wizards, Vampires and other ghastly creatures that do have actual spiritual forces behind them. Have we ever stopped to think about it? It makes me sad. It makes me angry and it makes me wonder who is advocating for our kids? Who is helping to guard their hearts, minds and spirits?
. Many people will say I’m narrow-minded, or taking it too seriously, or whatever, and they are entitled to their opinion. This is mine and I don’t apologise for it.
Do you do Halloween?

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