It’s All Over!

I am sitting here writing to you from the comfort of my own home, which means… IT’S ALL OVER! I have had my adventure to Canberra and my Gastric Band has been removed!


We headed down to Canberra last Tuesday evening once Mum and Step-Dad got back from work and we stayed in a hotel for the night. Despite the ridiculously comfortable bed, I hardly slept at all that night. I tried everything I knew to deliberately calm myself and relax into sleep, but it just didn’t work. I didn’t need to be at the Hospital until 11:30am on the Wednesday so there was time to kill in the morning. Mum and Step-Dad went out for breakfast and, as I was fasting, I stayed behind in their room and treated myself to a long, hot spa bath which was so great! I then watched most of the movie Morning Glory before we packed up and head off to the hospital.


The wait at the hospital was long. My surgery wasn’t scheduled until the afternoon and it was a little delayed in the end so I wasn’t wheeled off until about 3:30pm by which time I was more than ready for it to all just be over. The hospital I was in is a teaching hospital so there were lots of Residents and Registrars associated with each specialist I came in contact with. I didn’t mind, especially when I saw the Resident working with my Anesthetist! He was one good looking man! Certainly a lovely face to lose consciousness too!


The very first thing I remember after coming out of the anesthetic was being totally overwhelmed with relief that it was over. I know I was still very out of it, but I do remember crying and thanking God that it was done. It was over! After years and years of pain, frustration, second-guessing myself that there even was a problem, trying to find a doctor who would take the situation seriously and then a year of tests and waiting, in that moment despite the drugs, I cried tears of relief and gratitude. It was over.


A few hours later once I was more conscious and settled, I was told what had happened during the operation. It turns out that my body had been trying to assimilate the band into the body and tissue had started to grow around the band. There were adhesions to my stomach, my liver and even my spleen. It was a bit of a mess inside and there is little wonder why I was having so much trouble getting food through the band and why I was having so much pain. Because of these complications the surgery took an hour longer than expected and I was moved to the ICU afterwards. The next day, I was taken for a swallow test to make sure the repair work that was done to my stomach wasn’t leaking and then Thursday evening I was finally able to have some clear fluids to “eat” when the test results came back all clear.


I was moved to the general ward with the amazing view above out my window. The whole experience with the hospital was pretty great. The staff, from the ICU Nurses to the cleaning staff were all amazingly kind and generous of themselves. It truly was the most incredibly positive medical experience I have been through! God was so faithful in the people He sent across my path. I was looked after so well and incredibly I have had hardly any pain!


Being home has been wonderful though. I feel like after the trip back and all the happenings while we were away, that now I am home I am finally relaxing and resting. I have been recovering really quickly and really well, but now I feel I have hit the wall. I’m exhausted! The last couple of days have been a bit of a blur as I have been zoning out a lot just recovering.


Anyway I wanted to catch you all up on what’s been going on as I know lots of you have been wondering. Thank you all for your kind messages, tweets, emails, thoughts and prayers. They were felt and so appreciated! I hope the post above actually makes sense, as my concentration is still appalling and I have written it in a number of stages.


The posts will be a little light-on still over the next couple of weeks as I take the time to recover, but I’ll be back into the swing of things soon I’m sure.

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