Mary Poppins – My Review

I have been so busy, going a million miles an hour, until this last week which I have taken as a mini stay-cation.

Anyway first thing’s first – Mary Poppins!

Mary Poppins was truly a spectacular and you simply must go and see it! The first thing I was struck by was the ah-maz-ing sets! No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane opens up like a doll’s house, or pop-up book to reveal the interior and the characters inside. It then closed up and spun around to the back to open up and reveal the kitchen. The graphics, finishes and effects looked just like an illustrated story book. Gorgeous!

I must admit that the highlight of the whole show for me was the performance of Matt Lee as Bert. He captured the cheeky, happy-go-lucky Screever come Chimney Sweep. After being such a huge fan of his as a Judge on So You Think You Can Dance, it was so exciting and refreshing to actually get to see Matt do what Matt does best! His singing and dancing were so thoroughly entertaining. The cast also included Verity Hunt-Ballard as Mary Poppins, Marina Prior and Philip Quast as Mrs and Mr Banks, with Jasmin Younger and Nicholas Thoroughgood playing Jane and Michael in this particular showing.

My good friend Kim had forewarned me that the story line was different to that of the movie and I am glad she did. If she hadn’t I would have spent most of the time wondering why they changed it and what would happen next, rather than sitting back and enjoying the show. Reflecting on it now though I am wondering if the plot theatrical production follows that of the original book, or if they simply changed it to work better on the stage? Whatever the reason I still completely enjoyed it and in a lot of ways the changes helped me see the story in a different light. It focused far more on how Mary Poppins was able to change the family and bring them closer together.

The music was of course a huge part of the production with all the old favourites like A Spoonful of SugarFeed The BirdsLet’s Go Fly a KiteStep in Time and a rather lively and spectacular scene of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious where the cast spell the word with body movements! The dance number accompanying Step in Time with the Chimney Sweeps on the rooftop was simply amazing!

I really could just go on and on about all the fabulousness that this stage production is, but really – you should just go and see it for yourself! I have been asked by a few people if I think it would be good for kids. I say absolutely, but I will warn you there is a scene where the toys come to life that would have terrified me when I was little – but I was scared of just about everything as a kid!

As a side note, I thought I would mention the other big thing that happened that night. On our way in to the theatre my friends and I were in the car, stationary on South Dowling Street when the driver behind me didn’t stop in time and run up the back of us, which pushed my car into the car in front of us. My car is currently having a makeover – all covered by the at fault driver’s insurance [thankfully], but it was not a good way to start the night. I was pretty shaken up by it and it took a lot of coaxing by my friends to get excited about the show again. In the end though I calmed down and really had a great night! Thank God for good friends!

And to round this blog up I can now cross another thing off my 11 for 2011 list!

1. See at least two art or design exhibitions 1/2 Done

2. See a show/musical/concert

3. Write to my grandparents once a month
4. Go away on a holiday for at least 3 days – it’s been too long since I went away
5. Be kind and gentle to myself
6. Get vocal training again
7. Try something you’ve never tried before
8. Buy something beautiful just because you want it
9. Learn more about photography

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