Project 52: Week 41 – Go to Ikea

I think it has been pretty well established on this blog that I LOVE Ikea and always have, right from a young age. I hadn’t visited this beloved Swedish store in some time, so when it was time to buy a new pillow, I knew a trip to Ikea was needed.
I set off on Thursday morning and after battling pretty terrible traffic, I arrived, parked and decided to have some breakfast at the Ikea Café. While I was eating I did a little eaves dropping on the table next to me. A Mum, Dad and girl in her early 20s all excitedly talking about all the things they were going to buy. From what I gather the girl was setting up a studio apartment and Mum and Dad had come to Sydney to help her get things sorted. I think it might have been their first time at Ikea and I couldn’t help but smile at their excitement!
Once I finished eating I set off downstairs for a quite stroll through the warehouse section. I took my time, stopping to look at new items and just enjoying myself. Things have been moved around a little since I was last there and the fabric section look particularly inviting. I don’t sew, but I love fabric, I especially love the fabric with the Swedish lady on it. It also had some pretty scary looking vikings on it. I loved the monochromatic wall display of fabric too.
As I mentioned, the reason for my visit was to buy a new pillow. I wanted to buy the same pillow that I had previously been using, which may be just as well, when you consider the extensive range of pillows on offer!
I like the fact that they group the pillows into sections recommending what is best for stomach sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers. I am a back sleeper, but I often find that the recommended pillows are too low for me, so I usually go for a side sleeper pillow. The pillow I bought, and love, is filled with nuggets of memory foam. It is great for people with allergies, firm, but soft and helps keep the temperature around your head comfortable. It also helps stop my neck hurting during the night! Win, win, win!
Before leaving Ikea, I had to look in the Ikea Food section. I was determined to buy some Swedish meatballs for dinner that night. While I was looking around I suddenly noticed that one of my favourite things was back in stock. Pear Cider! I discovered it a long, long time ago at Ikea. I totally love it and I used to buy it all the time. Then, one day, it just wasn’t available anymore and I was very sad about that. But, lo, and behold, on Thursday it was sitting there in gorgeous new white and green cans beckoning me. I wanted to buy a whole bunch of it to stock up, but I settled for 1 can and thought I’d try the apple cider there too and bought 1 can of that too. So delicious! If you have never tried it, you really should head to your local Ikea and get some!
I had a really great morning taking my time to enjoy one of my favourite stores. I find it very interesting that my 2 favourite stores are both Swedish, Ikea and kikkiK. More evidence that I should have been born Scandinavian!

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