Shake It Up Baby!

Today, the preparation for my operation begins. From now until August 10 I am only allowed to have Protein Shakes. No food, just one shake three times a day. This is the part I have not been looking forward to. I had to do the same thing in the lead up to having the gastric band put in – but that time it was for 6 weeks. Thank the Lord this time it is for a much shorter period!


The reason I am on this program is two-fold. First, any weight I can lose before surgery is going to decrease the risk of complications and secondly being on a Very Low Calorie Diet [VCLD] for a short period of time will shrink my liver making it easier to lift during surgery for access to the band, without damaging or tearing my liver.


Unfortunately the shakes I am

drinking are not as pretty or as tasty as the smoothies pictured above, but you know me, I have to have a pretty picture! I can’t add fruit or yoghurt to my shakes. I must have them just as they come. This time I am using the Isowhey Complete brand of shakes. They taste quite nice and come in a few flavours for variety. Before my last surgery I was using Opitfast and I was unwell the whole six weeks I was drinking them. I was -, couldn’t concentrate and was totally spaced out the whole time. It was quite awful really. I am thankful that I have found another brand that does the job without making me feel that way!

The downside is though that, unlike for other people, the shakes don’t fill me up. My Mum has a shake each morning for breakfast and she says it fills her right up. I also have another friend who is using them and she says she never feels hungry on the shakes – but me… well, I just feel like I’ve had a drink, not a meal and I am constantly hungry. I’m really not looking forward to the next few weeks. It’s going to be a huge battle with my mind and my body and quite frankly I’m tired of that battle right at this moment, but I KNOW the end result of having the issue with my band sorted out will be totally worth it on the other side of this!


I’m going to need God’s strength and comfort as I work through these next few weeks. If you are a prayer, please pray for me. If not, please send me lots of positive thoughts and encouragement!


Here I go!


If you are new to Amanda’s Musings welcome! You can catch up on the rest of my weight battle and get the back story to this post here. Start with the “Confessions” post first.

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