Simple Pleasures: Sunset

I love this time of year. The season is changing, the heat of Summer is finally fading and we have some of the most magnificent sunsets of the year. Sunsets are my thing. I love the colours God paints across the sky each night as the sun dips its head below the horizon and spends some time with those on the other side of the globe. Some sunsets are so bold, so vivid your eyes can hardly stand it. Some produce such soft variants of colour that you can hardly tell where one ends and another begins.

I remember when I used to have to commute to and from work each day. Sometimes the only thing that got me through that nearly 2 hour trip home was the moment the train emerged from the tunnel and I would see colour burst across the sky as if just for me!

More and more I am trying to take time to notice, and truly appreciate the simple pleasures. What simple pleasures make your heart sing?

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