Sumo Lake

Yay! It’s Friday! I am doublely [yes I know that’s not a real word] excited as after three weeks of being car-less [another made up word] I finally am getting my car back this weekend! It should be all fixed and shiny and just like new. Oh how I have missed you little car!

Have you ever been without a car for an extended period… it’s horrible! It’s like having your freedom taken from you – ok so maybe that’s a little over dramatic, but only a little!

Anyway, I came across this awesome video via Lost at E Minor the other day. It’s called Sumo Lake and is an animation of Sumo wrestlers moving, and sometimes dancing, to a gorgeous piece by Tchaikovsky, emulating the classic ballet Swan Lake. I love everything about this animation, the drawing, the music, the happenings – everything! It was created using paper, pencil and coffee.

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