The Gall of it All!

A few times over the last couple of months I have been woken in the night with the most excruciating pain in my stomach. It feels like really intense wind/gas pain that you simply can’t get rid of. I have a very high pain tolerance, but this pain had me bent over in agony and in tears.


After seeing my GP and having a range of tests to see if it is some form of bacteria, which it isn’t, the Doctor sent me for an ultra sound last week as he now suspects it is an issue with my Gall Bladder. Yay – isn’t that great news? [Note the HEAVY sarcasm] That’s just what I need right now with everything else going on, right? No!


Anyway, I had the ultra sound and they weren’t able to get a very clear picture, but they could see that there was a lot of sludge in my Gall Bladder, which could mean I have either passed a gall stone, or one is forming. I am having a CT Scan tomorrow to get a better picture. This will confirm whether or not it is the Gall Bladder or if it is something else. It could turn out to be something related to the issues I am having with the gastric band, but it seems much more likely to be the Gall Bladder.


It does actually make sense if it is my Gall Bladder as it runs in the family, my Aunty had Gall Bladder issues and my Cousin is about to have hers taken out. The GP told me that this kind of thing is far more common in Women who are overweight – which is me. Also, in all honesty I have been abusing my body with fatty food for a long time and it is your Gall Bladder that helps your body digest fats. Of course the situation hasn’t been helped by the large amounts of mayonnaise and sour cream I have been using to help food slide past the band and not get stuck!


It really saddens me that I could have damaged my body in this way… I never thought about it while I was doing it.


If it turns out that it is a Gall Bladder issue the GP said they will just remove it. I’m wondering if this might be able to be done at the same time as my band is removed? It makes sense to me to only have to have one surgery seeing I’m scheduled for one already, but we’ll see. I don’t know much about it all yet, but I know that once your Gall Bladder is removed you have to be very careful about the types of fat and the amount of fat you eat, which is the path I am on anyway. It would be better though if I didn’t have to have it removed. Maybe my new way of eating will help fix the situation.


I feel as though it is unfair that this is happening now, after I have made such big changes in my eating and my thoughts about food. I know I did it to myself… but it still seems really unfair.


I guess I will know more tomorrow after the CT. I’m kinda hoping it’s something to do with the band that will be rectified once the band has been removed though.

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