The Last Day of 2011 – Phew What a Year!

You have probably heard this from the lips of every person you have spoken to today, but I can’t believe it is the last day of 2011! Where did the year go?
I spent the morning of the last day of the year with people I now consider good friends, people I hardly knew this time last year. People I hope will be in my life for a very long time. We went to a local park to have brunch and just hang out toegther. It was such a lovely time and I really enjoyed it. I played with a friend’s dog, ate some delicious pancakes, had a chat, watch the kids play on the play equipment, then watched the adults play frisbee, a slow kind of lazy morning.
It has been a slow kind of lazy day actually. After brunch I came home and did some washing, lay on the couch, watched some One Tree Hill on DVD, had a long nap, then got up, had dinner and am now sitting here writing, reflecting on the year that is about to come to an end. As I thought about the year I started feeling down, because I felt like I wasn’t really any further along in getting to where I want to be than I was last year, but then I started to really look back and see just how far I had come and how much I had overcome this year and I now I just feel… amazed. In a nutshell, here are the main things that happened this year:
January: I finally met with the Surgeon who took my concerns about my Gastric Band seriously and started the investigation process. I started the Project 52 challenge. I also Celebrated my Sister’s birthday.
February: Marked 10 years since Ben and I met and 7 years since my Dad passed away.
March: I had tests to investigate what the problem was with my Gastric Band and headed back to Canberra to see the Surgeon. He told me the band needed to come out and the wait for a Surgery date began.
April: I launched Amanda’s Musings as my Personal blog after separating my design blogging from my personal blogging. I saw Mary Poppins the Musical and loved it. I also had a car accident – all on the one night!
May: I redesigned my Amanda Fuller Designs website! I also blogged your responses to what makes you relax and cheers you up, a list I still refer to today!
June: I did the bravest thing I have perhaps ever done and I blog-confessed to the world my food addiction and emotional eating. It was hard, but it was a critical step in being honest with myself and the world about the state I had got myself into and making a change!
July: I found out the date for my surgery and started a very strict pre-op diet. I had already lost 10kg between June and starting this diet. I also thought I had problems with my Gall Bladder due to intense pain I was getting and went through a series of tests. It looked like it would have to be removed. I  fasted from TV for a week… I still don’t know what I was thinking! Oh and I also started Postcrossing. I also celebrated my Bro-In-Law and Step-Dad’s Birthdays.
August: I took a trip to Canberra to have my Gastric Band removed [read about it here, here and here]. My Gall Bladder did not need to be removed. August was a big emotional month and the start of living normally again! Between June and my surgery I lost over 15.5kg! My beautiful Niece Miss A also turned 3!
September: This was another emotional month. I had highs and lows as I came to terms with my surgery being over and going back to eating normally. It was in September that I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. After everything I had been through and all the changes I had made to eating better and thinking better about food, and having had my Gastric Band removed; this felt incredibly unfair! My sweet little Nephew Master J had his First birthday! Oh and I went to the ABCD Blogger Meet Up in Sydney and celebrated my 2nd Blogaversary!! I also made the tough decision to close my Stationery business Lemon Tree Lane.
October: I brought my blog back to Blogger after a brief flirt with WordPress. Still loving that I have! I reflected on the life of Steve Jobs with the rest of the world! I mused about how my habit of comparing my life to other’s often robs me of my joy. I celebrated 10 years of one of my favourite brands KikkiK. I blogged about the fact that I DON’T do Halloween.
November: I started Aqua Zumba – and loved it! I mused that maybe I am a courageous person after all. I celebrated what would have been Ben’s 29th Birthday. I celebrated Thanksgiving and also gave thanks for the amazing blessings that came my way, like starting a new job! I also introduced you all to Love Languages and how they can change your relationships with those in your life with an amazing response from many of you! Oh and I celebrated 1 year at my church!
December: I organised the Church Picnic and Christmas Street Party for my church as part of my new job, both events were a lot of work but both a big success! I shared my Birthday and Christmas Wishlist. Celebrated my last birthday in my 20s and my Mum’s Birthday. Saw my first Lunar Eclipse and celebrated 3 Christmases!
Phew! What a year! No wonder I am exhausted emotionally and physically and feel like I need a holiday! Yet despite the ups and downs it was a good year. A year of change, a year of healing, a year of new beginnings! I wonder what 2012 will hold!
Thank you to all of you who have travelled this last year with me either in real life or offered your support here online. It means the world to me!
I wish you all a happy and safe 2012 and look forward to sharing the journey of a new year with you all!

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