The Time Has Finally Come!

I can hardly believe I am about to type the next few words; my operation is tomorrow! After struggling with issues with the Gastric band that was installed in my body for over 4 years, and all the drama of finding a specialist to take me seriously and the time it took to have all the tests done and get to this point, tomorrow the band is being removed!


I will be able to eat a proper meal for the first time since June 2006 and won’t need the aid of sour cream and/or mayonnaise to ensure the food goes through the problematic band for the first time in over 4 years! I will be able to eat simple things like a sandwich, an apple and rice just like everyone else!


The predominant emotion I am feeling right now is excitement. I am looking forward to this change. Hopefully is will be the beginning of a much less food-centric life. I won’t have to worry about food getting stuck each time I eat! I am hoping this will make it much easier to eat more healthy too, which is a big goal of mine now.


For over 2 weeks I have been struggling majorly with the protein shake diet I had to be on for the lead up to the surgery. At times it has been pure torture! I haven’t had any solid food that whole time and have been constantly hungry. I isolated myself a bit too during this time as I didn’t really want to be around people who were eating, or around food at all. Even just going to the supermarket to get the milk with which to mix the shakes was a pretty big ordeal. That all ends tomorrow too! I must admit though, it has become easier as time has gone on, but it’s still really really tough! I have been craving foods I ordinarily wouldn’t, and do you have any idea how much socialising in our society revolves around food? It’s crazy!


I have now lost over 15kg in a little over 2 months! I think that once I start eating again I will probably put a little weight back on just from the simple fact of actually having food in my body again. While there are foods I am dying to have again after not being able to have them for years [pizza, hamburgers – and some healthy foods too], I am determined not to go crazy and over do it. I know it is going to be a test of my previously learned habits, but I so don’t want to go backwards.


I have had lots of messages from people wishing me well. Thank you all so much! Your love, support and prayers are appreciated so very much!


I won’t be on the blog for a number of days, but until then, stay safe and happy and I will see you on the other side!

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