Thoughts on Thursday, Thanks to Audrey Hepburn

She had so much style and elegance, she was strong, feminine, and has become an icon for a very good reason. It turns out she was quite the inspirational speaker. I have read many quotes of things Audrey said that have resonated with me and I would like to share a couple of them with you today.

The first one is a bit of fun:

I just love this and I guess it will mean different things to different people, but to me, believing in pink is not only enjoying the colour and recognising the ability it has to make us happy and to soothe, but to believe that femininity, the beautiful and the subtle have a power and a strength to them, without the need to be in your face! To me it means to celebrate being a girl or a woman, enjoy the fact that we are different from men in the way we see the world, the way we think, the way we look and the way we adorn ourselves. Celebrate the fact that there are things we do better than men, and that there are things they naturally do better than us. We were made different for a reason, to compliment each other in every way. You don’t have to be loud, and forceful, just be yourself and be strong. Believe in Pink and believe in yourself.

This is brilliant! I had never thought of it before I read this quote. I’m Possible… I’m Possible… I’M POSSIBLE! You CAN do it, you CAN reach that goal, you CAN rise above your circumstances, you CAN achieve the impossible… Whatever your dream, or goal or whatever the obstacle ahead of you is you can achieve it or overcome it. It IS possible. It may not happen today, or tomorrow, next week or even next year, but there is hope. Have faith, stay positive, and one day you will realise you have done it! I’M POSSIBLE!

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