TV Fast – aka What Was I Thinking?!

This time last week I was coming to the end of a self-imposed TV fast. I really felt like I need some time away from the box to clear my head, order my thoughts and just use the time I usually spend zoning out, in a much more productive way. So, I decided to not turn on the TV from Wednesday morning to Saturday morning.


It turned out to be MUCH harder than I ever expected. So many times throughout the fast I truly was wondering what on earth I was thinking! I’m trying to completely change the way I eat, and now I am depriving myself of one of my favourite pass times. I tried to change the rules along the way and say that watching a DVD didn’t count, but really it did, so I ended up not watching anything at all. It was particularly hard as MasterChef was in NYC, Top Design Australia started and The Block was on too, but I made it – just! [I have since caught up with all my fave shows online!]


By the time Friday night rolled around I felt like a kid during school holidays and playfully complained to Mum of being bored. It made me realise how much I do genuinely enjoy watching TV. Yes, maybe I do spend too much time watching, maybe I do make it a bigger priority than it really should be, but why deprive myself of something I love if I don’t have to?


I know on some level it was a really good exercise for me to do, but I don’t think I will ever be doing that again – but never say never right?

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