You Have More Influence Than You Realise!

I had the most amazing thing happen to me yesterday… I have been very unwell this week with a horrible Winter cold [thankfully not the flu] and I have had a bit of a struggle when it comes to wanting to eat the foods that are good for my body. I felt bad, so I wanted to make myself feel good and previously I did this with food… I must admit that while I did struggle a lot, I didn’t actually really eat anything really bad, expect for one Tim Tam, but hey, it was just one biscuit, not one packet! That in itself is an achievement.

So anyway I was a little down in the dumps and feeling quite sorry for myself when I met with someone who I had seen about a fortnight ago. They proceeded to tell me that after we spoke last time and they had heard all the major changes I had been making that they were so inspired that they too have made big changes with their food habits and in the last two weeks and as a result have lost 2 kgs! I was so excited for them! I forgot all about how miserable I was feeling and how sorry for myself I was, and was just happy for them. They said over and over how it was me that inspired them and they thanked me and I genuinely didn’t know what to say! It was an incredible feeling! I, Amanda Fuller, had impacted someones life in a pretty major and positive way!

This was the icing on the cake [pardon the yummy food reference]! Last week when I posted my confessions I had no idea what an amazing response I would get! I thought maybe a few of my close friends would read it, but I had hundreds, yes hundreds, of people read it and I got so many amazing comments and emails from people who were touched and inspired by what I had written and my willingness to be open and honest. It has been truly worth it!

Thank you, thank you all for your love, support and encouragement. I truly never thought I could be the kind of person to really make a difference in anyone else’s life as I felt mine was so broken and insignificant. I was wrong. I do have influence, I can impact someone’s life. I just have to now make sure it is for good. I guarantee you have more influence in people’s lives than you realise too!

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